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Act 1.

Scene 1.

Internal. A visitor holds a website in their hands. The first page of the website is opened, the visitor holds it to their face and smells the paper, touches it. The website touches them back.

the website (whispering in the visitor’s ear): Being vulnerable means being transparent, open and brave, trusting others to handle stories with care. By publicly sharing and processing our narratives, we take ownership of our experiences while contributing to a collective voice. Even when we incorporate stories from others, our names remain attached to this collective creation: Ada, Aglaia, Irmak, Stephen. We have created interfaces highlighting the balance between communal sharing, individual responsibility and awareness.

the visitor: Interfaces?

the website: Interfaces are boundaries that connect and separate. They’re the spaces that fill the void between us. An interface can be an act, a story, a keyboard, a cake; It allows us to be vulnerable together, to share our stories with and through each other. I am a collection of these interfaces.

the visitor (confused): What do you mean a collection, like a catalogue?

the website: Yeah I guess. I weave the words and the works we created during…

the visitor: we?

the website: …I mean the four of us, the students of Experimental Publishing at the Piet Zwart Institute. From 2022 until today, June 2024, we published three special issues together. We wrote four theses and made four graduation projects. We grew our hair out and cut it and grew it again and dyed it. We cared and cried for each other, we brewed muddy coffee and bootlegged books.

(The website tears up).

Finishing a Master’s is a bit of a heavy moment for us and this website is a gentle archive, a memory of things that have been beautiful to us.

the visitor (sarcasm): do you have a tissue, im soooo touched.

the website: malaka, just read me.